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Puerto Rico

El Yunque National Forest is a United States Federal land protected by the United States Forest Service, within the US Department of Agriculture. It is located in eastern Puerto Rico and its highest peak is over 1000m above sea level. El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest protected by the U.S. Forest Service. Our study transect is located in the Palo Colorado forest formation at about 661m above sea level. In this transect we have carried out hundreds of field trips since 1990 and have ran a long-term monitoring program of Eleutherodactylus coqui that includes population and disease (chytridiomycosis) research. Results of most of our research here  has been published see the publications    section. Below are various images and videos of our many field trips to our beloved forest.


View from Palo Colorado, before entering our transect. The towns of Luquillo and Fajardo can be seen in the distance below. 


The Lamponius portoricensis (stick bug) is very common in our transect but always fun to spot

A Tityus obtusus (scorpion) is one of the many species of arthropods found in El Yunque

Two videos of male E. coqui performing their mating call to atract females in the area: "ko-key, ko-key"

Patricia Burrowes took her Topics in Biology class to El Yunque for one of our field surveys. In the image, Junangel Aleman Rios is showing the class the procedures used for measing, weighing and collecting skin samples with swabs for Bd testing.


Picture of the last field trip we did. From left to right standing up: Julio Campis (volunteer), Claudia Saldaña, Roberto Oliveras, Emmanuel Santiago (students), Patricia Burrowes (Professor), Gustavo Acevedo, Abner Hernandez (graduate students) and Lynn Moreira (student). Junangel Aleman Rios (graduate student) is at the bottom.

Our traditional picture after a great night in the field collecting coqui frogs. From left to right: Lynn Moreira, Claudia Saldaña, Roberto Oliveras, Emmanuel Santiago, Nicole Padro and Paola Burgos (all undergraduate students). Junangel Aleman Rios (graduate student) is squating as he always does in group pictures.


Below you will find a collection of some of our favorite pictures of E. coqui's taken at our Palo Colorado study transect. Photos are by students in the Burrowes Lab.

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